Genre: Reality Series 
Demographics 13-40
 Format: 30 min Category: Lifestyle 
Writers Guild of America #1244324 
Ph: 661-202-4856 
T. Warner Films
"Make My Parents Fly" (As in ''Hip'' well Dress. ''Up to Date'' Fashionable, Culturally and Musically.) A family makeover reality show. 
Log line: teens make parents over.
PITCH: Parents today definitely may not understand the teens that are enjoying their youth nowadays. Do you have a parent that complains about the music you listen to? Or the type of clothes you like to wear? If the answer is yes, you may desperately want for your parents to be fly! 
This is basically a reality-makeover show, with the sons and daughters asking for their parents or parent to be made over fashionably and culturally
MAKE MY PARENTS FLY A select group of families will be chosen. There will be a game element involved in the selection process. 
The Families are a diverse group of individuals who share one commonality - learning their kids cultural!
MAKE MY PARENTS FLY Everyone wants to be fly. 
”MAKE MY PARENTS FLY Game Show: There will also be a game element to Make My Parents Fly. Such as: Name That Fly Tune! Play That Fly Video Game! Think You Fly! The family members will compete for prizes.
"MAKE MY PARENTS FLY" The parents will be updated with fabulous fashions and will also learn a thing or two about today’s music, movies, and the latest slang, etc. 
The teens will introduced their parent or parents and state why they should be on the show, what are their complaints, and simply WHAT THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND! When the baby boomers are chosen and agree to be made over then the fun really begins! 
A fashion and hair stylist, and makeup artist comes into the picture. While the mother or father gets transformed, they are also educated by the host and their teens on what they don’t understand about the fashions, music and language of today.
"Make My Parents Fly" Created by Tony F. Warner

Episode Breakdown
Make My Parents Fly 
6 Episode Synopsis
 Episode 1 Title: Looking Fly! 
Act 1 Son and daughter interview with host. They want to make their parents fly. We will have our fashion stylist go into action. Our parents are the old school types. They agree to get fly! 
Act 2 Parents interview Fashion Stylist visit our family home. Our parents are fashioned up. Our parents walk the carpet. 
Act 3 Stylist interview. A fashion show is held. Our parents walk the runway looking fly. Son and daughter interviews. Our family starts there own clothing line. 
Act 4 Host interviews Son and daughter. Mother and father loves it. Final interviews and Outtakes 
Episode 2 Title: tatt me, Piercing me 
Act 1 Host-Kid interview Our two kids are getting beef about there tattoos and piercing. Father agree to get a tattoo on his neck. Mother agreed to get a tongue piercing. 
Act 2 Kids interviews-host Our parents visits a tattoos piercing shop. The father encounters lots if pain. He attempts to leave before it's finished. The mother is frightened but goes through with the tongue piercing.
Act 3 Kids interview-host Our parents must attend church and mingle with friends. 
Act 4 Kids interview-host Back home, they discuss the way people reacted to them. 
Final interview and Outtakes. Interviews include kids, parents and host. 
Episode 3 Title: my fly hair 
Act 1 Daughter interview with the host. The daughter sets up an appointment at a hair salon for our mother. The father thinks his wife is fine. The mother agrees but goes along with daughter. 
Act 2 Daughter, Mother and host arrives at a popular hair salon. The mother sees fly hairstyles. The mother watch in horror as her hair crumbles to the ground. The husband walks in sees his wife and just stares. Daughter interview. 
Act 3 Mother interview. Daughter interviews. Father relaxes in the family room daughter and mother enters. Mother loves her new hair. The father loves it as well.
Act 4 Mother interviews. Daughter interviews. Father interviews. 
Final outtakes 
Episode 4 Title: That fly Body! 
Act 1 Daughter interviews with host. Daughter talks about her mom's out if shape body. Mother and father interviews with the host. Mother feels her body is okay. Husband agrees. Mother agrees to workout. 
Act 2 Daughter interview. Promise to make her mother a fly body Host and fitness person arrives at the family home. Family home is turned into workout space. Daughter and mother workout to dance music. Father walks in and stares. Father is forced out by mother. 
Act 3 Father interviews Mother attempts to get in a pair if daughters jeans; nearly a fit. Father walks in, he smiles. Mother and daughter works out. Mother sweats. 
Act 4 Mother interviews Family sits in the family room. Mother stands wearing the jeans, she turns and looks at daughter, throws her a smile, daughter returns it. Father interviews. Fitness trainer and father works out. Mother and daughter walks in and shake their head. 
Final interviews and Outtakes
Episode 5 Title: Dad's Earring 
Act 1 Son interview with host. Son is has both ears pierce. Son wants his father to get an earring. Father agrees to get one. The host, son and dad goes to the ear piercing shop. On the way, host and discuss the negatives of having it done. 
Act 2 Father interviews Father sits in chair, he's going through the procedure. Father gets a diamond stud earring. Father interviews. 
Act 3 Mother and Father interviews. Father returns home with diamond stud. Son loves it. Mother thinks it's cute. Father's mother stops by, she thinks her son looks cool. 
Act 4 Son and Father interviews. Father proudly wears his diamond stud on the job. 
Final interview and Outtakes 
Episode 6 Title: Bling my Tooth 
Act 1 Son interview with host. The son loves his new blinged-out teeth. Son enters home smiling. His parents are elated over his mouth work. The father who is having dentures problem agrees to follow in his son venture.
Act 2 Father interview-Son interview-host Host and the father goes to the dentist. The father discuss with host about his fears. Host and father arrives at the dentist office. The dentist show the father a chart of blinged out teeth. 
Act 3 Son interview-host Mother and the son talk about the father. The father goes under. 
Act 4 Son interview-host The father arrived home a d show off his bling, bling. The mother alerts the father of a speech he must give. 
Final interview and Outtakes. 
T. Warner Films
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